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StartUp – what is it and how is it different from an ordinary company?

Startup is a concept known in Poland recently, although it appears more and more often in the public space, slowly entering the common language.

Practically every day you can hear that someone is setting up a new startup. In order to learn the secrets of this project, you should first answer the question: what is a startup?

According to the generally accepted definition, a startup is an expression used to describe a company or a temporary organization whose goal is to gain a market for a manufactured product. The main and strategic goal of a startup is to achieve success on a large scale and in addition at a fairly fast pace. It should be noted that achieving this success is not associated with the allocation of large sums of money. Startups are most often related to the technology and IT industries, as well as the broadly understood SME sector. Of course, this is not a rule, startups can occur in virtually every industry.

As you can see, startup is a new company on the market. However, nothing more wrong. There are some basic features that distinguish startups from traditional companies. In order for a company to deserve to be called a startup, it must represent two basic features: innovation and uncertainty. Startup services must be innovative, creative and unknown to the consumer. Startup can therefore be considered an experimental activity, requiring courage in creating a new business and using only fresh projects.

Probably everyone is asking themselves the question: why waste time and money for an uncertain business? Nothing could be further from the truth! Startups are the domain of young people, who are distinguished by their high potential and unconventional approach to business. Instead of huge amounts of money they invest their own creativity and passion. Young startups use their youthful energy to create a company from scratch. They are characterized by innovative and fully creative approach.

The above article was aimed at introducing the essence and functioning of startups in Poland. This is the beginning of a series of articles on topics related to the ideology of startups in Poland. As Octopus we are a company that deals with the recruitment of people for newly created startups and companies from the SME sector. We are open to new solutions. If you have any suggestions for topics related to startups, please write them in the comments under the articles. We will be grateful for each new idea and the subject matter of subsequent articles.

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