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By 2020, in developed countries every second employee of a large company and 70 percent employed in start-ups will work remotely. This form of work also has more and more supporters in Poland, because it can bring benefits to both employees and employers. Companies introducing the possibility of remote work automatically generate savings: they reduce their costs of equipment, maintenance or renting the office itself. They also show their employees that they are a flexible organisation that understands their needs and treats them as a partners.

Building a team of competent and committed employees is a big challenge for many companies nowadays. They look for ways to encourage the recruitment of the best candidates on the market, and then keep them in the company for longer. According to the results of the studies “The remote work market and employee expectations. Polish edition 2018” almost 70% of respondents are not able to work remotely, and more than half of them would like to be able to do at least part of the work in this mode. This is a proof that the possibility of working remotely increases attractiveness of a job offer, which automatically increases the chance of recruitment success.

As everybody knows, work is not our only passion. Even ambitious employees who focus on their careers know how important is rest and realisation of their non-professional passions are. Work is part of their life and it is good when it gives the opportunity to combine private interests with professional life. Research conducted among people who have experienced remote work shows that 95% of them assess it positively. Remote workers also more often declare satisfaction with their work (94% of responses) than people who do not have such a possibility (74%).

To sum up, offering the possibility of working remotely can bring companies many benefits – not only business, from savings to increased efficiency – but also employee satisfaction and their commitment in building lasting relationships with the company. This type of work, much more popular in the West, is still something new in Poland, but there are big prospects ahead of it, which is why, as Octopus-Partners company, we provide the best solutions in this area by providing advisory to company and delivering best remote candidates.

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