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Owl Labs research shows that employees whose companies allow them to switch to work remotely, partly or completely, feel happier because of it. It gives them the opportunity to build a better balance between private and professional life and they do not feel so much stress related to work. In addition, they are happy to work after hours if necessary.


Owl Labs conducted a study that aimed to assess the level of satisfaction of people working remotely compared to those who do not have such opportunitiesIt turned out that people working remotely are up to 22 percent. happier than other employees. In addition, remote workers admitted that they work more in such conditions than employees who go to the office.


Is remote work a good solution for employees and employers? More and more companies give their employees the opportunity to keep the best ones. However, not everyone wants to decide on it, although many studies show that remote work gives many people greater satisfaction and positively affects their efficiency.


This also confirms the latest study by Owl Labs. It shows that giving an employee the opportunity to work remotely is not only for his benefit, but also for the employer.


About 1.2 thousand employees aged 22 to 65 participated in the study. 62 percent of them work remotely at least partially. When asked why they decided on this form of performing their duties, they most often indicated that they wanted to achieve a balance between private life and work (91% of responses). Many also talked about the need to increase their productivity (79 percent) and reduce stress levels (78 percent). For many, the decisive factor was also the unwillingness to waste time on long commutes to the office (78%).


The results of the study showed above all that the level of feeling happiness is greater for people who have the opportunity to work remotely. As much as 22 percent people working full-time remotely are happier than those who only work in the office.


The level of employee satisfaction is not the only one aspect that this study has revealed. It also turned out that people with the opportunity to work remotely are more closely associated with their company. 13 percent more of them declared that they wanted to be associated with their employer for longer than people who were not given the opportunity to perform their duties outside the office.


In addition, people working remotely more often indicated that they sometimes work after hours. 43 percent of them work over 40 hours a week. And they are happy with it!

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