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LinkedIn, mainstream media, Facebook and almost every other platform were full of bad news this week. COVID-19 looks worse than SARS, swine flu and Ebola combined and Russia and the Middle East have collapsed oil prices. The net result is that our economy has a huge problem. The London Stock Exchange has the worst day since 1987. Europeans cannot travel to the USA. Airlines are in trouble. The sporting events are canceled and I will be surprised if the Olympics are timely. We will have a recession.

But we’re all fed up with this kind of conversation and wringing hands. Some companies give up recruitment, suspend processes and panic, which can be a mistake. I believe those days we should focus on action. See why you need not stop hiring and should think how to use the current situation to your advantage.

As Bo Bennett said – “As sure as the spring will follow the winter, prosperity and economic growth will follow recession”. However, it is equally certain that the period of prosperity will return after the recession – this is part of the business cycle. Today, the situation allows you to overtake all who will start recruitment during the prosperity period. Now is the time for the brave and able to take the appropriate business risk. Not recruiting / freezing recruitment by a large number of companies at this time will lead to the situation that there will be even bigger demand for professionals in specific areas when the world economic situation calms down than today. Companies might have bigger problem with recruitment and finding talents, when all will start recruitment at once. It is also worth considering that experienced candidates often have 2-3 months’ notice period, so the company will only bear the costs after that time. Why not use it when less brave companies panic and stop employing?

I would like to avoid saying that there are positive aspects of the pandemic that we are going through right now. I am far away for such statement. However, we will not escape the truth that if some companies stop recruiting, there is a larger pool of talent for those who are still in the „game”. Recruiting in such a global situation can also show potential candidates that the company is stable, in good financial condition and well prepared for crisis situations. This will certainly strengthen the employer’s brand image not only among candidates but also potential clients.

How to deal with recruitment if you do not have enough human resources to do it in the current market situation?

Even if companies, especially in the IT sector and modern technologies, have HR / Recruitment departments, these people often have to take care of current employees, their satisfaction and organization of home office systems in the current situation with pandemic . In such circumstances they can consider engaging professional recruitment which will ensure these processes will not be stopped and company will not lose the chance to find the right person for an vacant position.

The recruitment process is definitely time consuming. During an epidemic and the crisis it causes, just keeping the current state can cost a lot of work and time. Developing a company and expanding it with the best talents on the market can be a big challenge at such a moment. Recruitment agency can relieve you of this. You can easily take care of your clients, leave the recruitment to agency. It is worth considering an agency that has experience in remote recruitment, not only because of the current situation, but also taking into account that remote work may become a necessity in the future.

A good candidate for remote work must have a specific set of characteristics – excellent communication skills, good time management, ability to work in team and self-discipline. An agency with experience in the recruitment of this type of candidates will certainly check these features during the very first telephone interview with the candidate and will provide you with the best specialist on the market.

As Octopus-partners, we have one thing in common for the best recruiters. And it is the ability to use both good and bad moments. Thanks to our skills in assessing candidates’ personal predispositions and speed of action, we can now support your business during this difficult period. We do everything we need to add value to clients and candidates, regardless of what this market does.

Thanks to our professional experience, we can not only use methods, but also create new, proprietary ones that revolutionize the recruitment process. On these days, our experience in recruiting employees for remote work may be particularly helpful. We are aware that especially small and new companies may not always allow themselves to continue recruitment, but then it is worth taking care of implementing a good culture of remote work in the current situation and with which we can also help. We have been promoting this model for months, today it is also a response to WHO recommendations.


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