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What job positions will be the most desirable after Covid-19 lockdown?

The Covid-19 pandemic has already reshaped the labour market. The crisis has strongly affected professionals providing professional services and  „appreciates” cashiers and manual workers now. Everything indicates that the state before the epidemic will not return soon, maybe never. Many employers will not survive, unemployment will increase, some workers will have to retrain. On the other hand, some professions will take on a new dimension and respect.

Surely, remote working will also start to be used to a greater extent because it turned out that this form of work with the appropriate means and tools is fully valuable. However, we cannot expect that we will return to the state before the epidemic. It will simply be different. A pandemic is a test for all of us.

Economists already forecast that the labour market will not look like it did before after the pandemic. Specialists in providing professional services and office work, will be the first to be severely affected by the crisis. They will also find it more difficult to rise after pandemic. Who will companies need when the epidemic is over?

Here are the Top 6 sectors, which should remain in demand of workers even after the pandemic.

  1. IT

The IT industry, especially programmers, will not lose out on the pandemic. Some of them, yes, who work for industries currently in crisis, but it is the absorptive group and the labour market that will manage them. Most of them already receive further tasks – they support the e-commerce industry, help companies and institutions digitize the process of contact with customers. Secondly, digital solutions dedicated to fighting the coronavirus are multiplying.


Programming, application development, website design, social media channel management is likely to continue to be skills that will also be appreciated by the new labour market.


  1. E-commerce

The demand for online shopping is growing. The e-commerce industry needs a lot of hands to work – both the people directly involved in customer service, to complete orders, but also the programmers that stores and e-commerce platforms need.


  1. Logistics

Despite the crisis, employers are still looking for warehousemen and logistic manager. Due to the fact that experts predict the growth of the e-commerce market, it is to be expected that logistics will also develop and the employees of this industry will not run out of work even after the epidemic. This is not only about warehousemen, but also about forwarders or handling staff of reloading centers.


The labour market will need couriers even after the pandemic ends. The related courier companies will also continue to develop. This is one of the few industries that benefit from the coronavirus epidemic.


  1. Medicine

Nurses and doctors, according to forecasts of labour supply and demand for the professions, even without the outbreak of a pandemic, would be missing within a few years. The demand for them on the market will not fall even if the virus is contained. In the era of epidemics, telemedicine is also gaining in importance.


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the few that resists the crisis and even continues to recruit. As the pandemic develops, the number of online pharmacies will increase.



Accountants and financial services specialists – demand for them was already high before the pandemic. Coronavirus has significantly increased the demand for this type of specialists because of the confusion in the market for mutual obligations between manufacturing, trade and service companies, and between companies and their individual customers.


  1. Production and construction

The manufacturing sector is one of the world’s largest employers, should also recover relatively quickly from the virus crisis in China, as a strategic industry and foundations of economics. Production engineers and managers will be in the best situation.


The pandemic has not significantly damaged the construction industry. Previously contracted investments are still being carried out, the companies are still looking for professionals and manual workers.

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