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„How to recruit employees for remote positions during Covid-19?”

„How to recruit employees for remote positions during Covid-19?”

The Covid-19 outbreak is causing a major shift in the job market, with consequences both for employers and the employees. According to Eurofund’s survey conducted in April 2020, half of Europeans are experiencing reduction in working hours, with 23% of workers losing their job temporarily and 5% becoming unemployed permanently. Many businesses, especially those focused on tourism, entertainment and gastronomy, are experiencing considerable setbacks. On the other hand, times have never been better to run an online store or a delivery service. The lockdown has completely changed the way we work and hire.The regular hiring process is usually followed by an online job interview, and the set of desirable skills that we look for in an employee is slightly different than before. Since most jobs are becoming remote, the ability to use a computer with proffessional software is crucial. The practical knowledge of social media and online advertising is also becoming a strenght. To find a well qualified employee, the recruiters need to adapt to the changing market.

Online recruitment during Covid-19

Recruiting for remote positions can be difficult. After gathering the list of interesting candidates and researching them online, an interview should take place. The abundance of video call and communication softwares comes in handy, but it’s not a perfect replacement for a face-to-face conversation. It might not be as easy to correctly judge the candidate through an online interview, because a video call doesn’t allow us to clearly see all the non-verbal cues the person is sending. Gestures, eye contact, facial expressions and voice modulation are one of the most important things to pay attention to during an interview. They can inform us of some personality traits and the general emotional state of our potential employee. During the lockdown, most people are forced to work from home and spend more time with their families or, in some cases, alone. For some it could be a great environment to focus and boost their performance, but many people feel significant distress and that can reflect on the quality of their work. As many as 1 out of 5 young Europeans struggle with loneliness during the lockdown and it’s certainly taking a toll on their well-being. It is important for the recruiter to spot these signals and decide, whether the interviewee is in a suitable condition to start a new job. Some recruiters might be reluctant to decide whether to hire someone who is showing signs of anxiety and feels unsure about the future, but as a person responsible for choosing potential team members it’s natural to focus on the interest of the company in the first place. A person who feels overwhelmed with negative emotions during lockdown should seek the support of their friends and family, or professional help if necessary. Starting a new job could be challenging for their mental health and might generate even more distress.

The greatest advantage of online recruitment and creating remote workplaces is better access to job candidates. Currently, distance is not a limit when it comes to hiring, so finding a person with desired qualifications is not limited to the local job market anymore. Of course, it’s necessary to consider the type of business that you’re running and the time differences in different countries, but it’s possible to recruit globally. Also, many jobseekers needed to adapt and enter the online recruitment instead of searching for jobs in their area, hence more of them are available to be recruited online. It makes the process slightly easier, but also creates more need for torough research, to ensure the best candidates are invited for the job interview.

How to recruit for remote positions online?

To recruit for remote positions it’s important to follow some rules. This way there will be more candidates with desired skills applying for the position and the recruitment process is more likely to end with success.

  • Since more people are searching for jobs online it’s fundamental to post job offers in as many places as possible, social media included.
  • The offer should be visible, clear and sincere.
  • If the position you’re hiring for is modified from stationary to remote the responsibilities of a person in that position should be adjusted accordingly.
  • It is not welcome to increase the lenght of the working shift or reduce the duration of breaks, even though remote work doesn’t require the employee to commute.
  • Take your time researching the candidates and take into consideration their readiness to adjust to a new, remote working environment.
  • During the interview find out about the candidate’s work preferences and make sure the offered remote position is suitable for the applicant.
  • Think about offering online courses for new employees to help them work efficiently in a remote setting.
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