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The administrator of your personal data provided on this website is:
Octopus, ie BARTŁOMIEJ LENARTOWSKI OCTOPUS PARTNERS, based in Mazańcowice 43-391 at ul. Hodowców 1105 B , NIP: 6652689835, email: office@octopus-partners.com;

1. Personal data processed by the Personal Data Administrator may be used to contact you and to answer your questions based on your consent (the basis of Article 6 paragraph 1 letter a) of the GDPR).
2. We may share your personal data collected by the Administrator of Personal Data subcontractors, i.e. entities we use to process them, ie IT companies, accounting firms, business partners whose offer complements ours.
3. The Personal Data Administrator may process your basic identification data provided in the contact form.
4. We do not forward your data outside the EU / EEA.
5. Your personal data will be processed and stored from the moment of obtaining them by the Administrator of Personal Data until you object to their processing for this purpose, withdraw your consent if we processed them under your consent for use in future recruitment processes organized by the Personal Data Administrator.
6. It is worth remembering that you have the right to file a complaint to UODO when you feel that the processing of personal data violates the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016.
7. In connection with the processing of personal data by the Administrator, you have the right to:
A. access your personal data and receive a copy;
B. to correct (correct your data);
C. to delete data
IMPORTANT! If in your opinion there is no reason for us to process your data, you can request that we remove it.
D. to limit the processing of personal data;
IMPORTANT! You can request that we limit the processing of your personal data only to store or perform the actions agreed upon with you, if in your opinion we have incorrect information about you or we are processing it unreasonably; or you do not want us to remove them because you need them to establish, investigate or defend claims; or for the time you objected to the processing of data.
E. to object to the processing of personal data;
F. for data transfer;
IMPORTANT! You have the right to receive from us in a structured, commonly used machine-readable format. You can also ask us to send this data directly to another entity.
G. the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority;
H. the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data.
8. Details and instructions on how to exercise your rights can be found on our website in the privacy policy, at the address of the privacy policy.
9. Providing data by you is always voluntary, however, if you do not provide them, we may refuse to provide electronic services to you, including answering your contact.