Technical Training with Bartłomiej Lenartowski

founder of Octopus Partners.

„As a technical person, an engineer and an IT expert, I know how important technical language and understanding the other side are in the recruitment process.

I have developed an original training programme for IT Recruiters which many of our clients have already used.

The training which I offer aims at broadening the IT Recruiters’ knowledge of existing technologies and technological solutions on the market and at creating a framework for applying this knowledge during an in-depth interview with a candidate and obtaining relevant information.”

Bartłomiej Lenartowski

Octopus Partners rekrutacja branża IT

Become an Advanced Technical Recruiter

The training cycle includes two training courses:

Essential Technical Recruiter ®

Professional Technical Recruiter ®

The training courses have been developed for Recruiters who want to understand the specific nature of the IT industry and its technical issues and to gain the ability to conduct technical interviews with Candidates from this industry.

Essential Technical Recruiter ®

The level is tailored to both those who have already had exposure to IT technology and those who are just about to develop in this direction. The workshop programme is arranged so as to teach technical recruitment, explain the software development process and provide knowledge of software languages and roles within IT teams.

The programme also provides knowledge about the current IT market in Poland and abroad.

Essential Technical Recruiter Octopus Partners
Octopus Partners Proffesional Technical Recruiter

Professional Technical Recruiter ®

The level is addressed to the Essential level graduates or advanced IT Recruiters who are familiar with programming languages and roles in IT teams.

On the Professional level, we focus on more practical knowledge. If Recruiters of a specific organisation are looking for specialists in a particular technology, the programme is tailored to meet those needs. The level covers numerous exercises that teach you how to use the knowledge you have acquired into practice.




If you need ad hoc support in the recruitment process, this model will be the most suitable for you!


RPO is a type of recruitment conducted by an external company – in this case by us, the Octopus Partners agency!


The Sourcing Recruitment service consists in searching the social networking site, which is LinkedIn.


Our recruitment package will work when you already know what positions you need candidates for.

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